So Anthony Miles’ biography page? Well let’s be honest, more of an attempt at a brief autobiography written in the 3rd person that tries to softly blow an interesting tune on one’s own trumpet. Here goes….


From the age of 10 Saturday mornings were spent at The Birmingham School of Speech and Drama. This led to Anthony achieving a place in Birmingham REP’s Youth Theatre Workshop where he performed his first stage role at the age of 12 as ‘Boxer’ in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.


In addition to performing roles in theatres Anthony’s musical family allowed him to develop accomplished skills as a musician and regular gigs have always been part of a family tradition.


After numerous shows, exams and gigs Anthony eloped with his unwavering passion for acting down south to study a BA Hon’s in Theatre at Dartington College of Arts. He later studied at the Birmingham School of Acting and since graduating has performed in a wide variety of contexts from improvisational comedy to radio, film and TV.


Aside from acting Anthony has a passion for time with his family, health, films, writing, music, reading, fixed point mime, mnemonics, teaching and the Spanish language.


Anthony is credited with playing the lead in several award winning and acclaimed short films including ‘Quizmaster,’ ‘The Feeling of Unreality,’ (starring Rachel Shenton), ‘Timebomb’ and George Varotsis’ post-modern Sci-Fi thriller ‘Devolution.’


Most recently he has played Robert De Loxley in the audio series ‘Hood’ starring Lee Inglby (Harry Potter, Dirk Gently). A re-telling of the Robin Hood legend as never heard before which has just been nominated at the BBC Audio Drama



Anthony was also nominated as best actor at the 2nd annual Indie Intertube awards for his role of Newlyn Howell in Chris Stone’s multi award winning, Victorian web series ‘Blood and Bone China’.


Anthony has also been in several TV commercials and in one of them he is attacked by a giant hedgehog. You really must check it all out on my, uh um, I mean, on his showreel page.